The advanced noise generator
with a build-in remote control.

Static is the only noise app that can be controlled with another iOS device, which is wonderful for parents with young children. It also works great on older devices, making it the perfect match for that old iPod in the drawer.


  • Six great sound options
  • Control Static remotely with another iPhone or iPod touch
  • Battery monitoring for remote devices
  • Play sound on remote AirPlay speakers
  • Multitasking iPod control support

Static is a free app, with the option to unlock all features through in-app-purchase. Currently, the only limitation of the free version is a smaller selection of noises.


The free version of Static includes one sound: White Noise. Other sounds are unlocked buy purchasing the full version.

  • White Noise: the classic static
  • Pink Noise: softer than white, but plenty of edge
  • Brown Noise: the softest, preferred by many for deep sleep
  • Ocean Waves: cool sounds of the ocean, without the sand in your hair
  • Rain Showers: a quiet rain to wash your cares away
  • Camp Fire: the warm crackle of an open fire

Old Devices

Static works great with the very latest phones and iPods, but is also very useful on that old iPod or iPhone collecting dust in your drawer. We made sure that Static will work on lots of devices, so dig out that old iPod and leave it in the nursery or on your nightstand.

Supported devices include:

  • iPhone 3GS, iPod touch third generation (iOS 5.0+ recommended)
  • iPhone 4, iPod touch fourth generation (iOS 6+ recommended)
  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch fifth generation (iOS 6+ recommended)

The app will also run on all iPads running iOS 4.0+, but will be run in an iPhone-sized view.

Launch URL Support

In addition to its rich remote-control capabilities, Static can be controlled with other apps on your iOS device. Apps like Launch Center Pro work great with Static.

If you're a developer, here's how to integrate Static support into your app.

Start Playing

  • trackname: Valid track available on device (e.g. "White Noise")
  • volume: integer 0-100 (percentage)

Stop Playing