• Bright, colorful graphics
  • Simple setup
  • An exciting smiley face when the timer is finished
  • Adjust time by dragging the timer forward or back
  • No ads or in-app purchases

Our son can't tell time, so he has no idea how long an hour is for his nap. He's frustrated when 20 minutes feels like a year to him. So my wife suggested we convey nap time in a way he can see. Napsee.

Napsee displays time countdowns visually so that children can understand how much time is left. It works great for naps, car trips, waiting for mealtime, or waiting for anything!

When the timer goes off, a smiley face appears on the screen. Sometimes kids are so excited and focused on waiting for the smiley that they fall asleep. Not to worry. Napsee makes no sounds, so sleeping kids will stay asleep.

While the timer is running, the screen on your iPhone or iPod will stay on. The screen will turn off after the smiley face has appeared for a few moments.

Napsee has no ads and no in-app purchases. It works great with Guided Access, so you can prevent changes from being made while the timer is running.