A Bonjour service discovery app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

HelloNet is a utility for discovering services on local networks and then launching apps that support those services.

We've partnered with a number of other app developers to support launching their apps when you tap on a discovered service.

HelloNet is a Universal Binary, and runs on iOS devices with iOS 4.0 and newer.


  • Launch apps supporting discovered services
  • Service definition and app support updates automatically
  • Discovers all available services on network advertised with Bonjour
  • Users can suggest new services from inside HelloNet

Add New Services

HelloNet scans a network for all advertised services, including those it doesn’t have configuration data for. Users may submit app recommendations by emailing contact@bluetoo.co.

Launch URL Support

Developers wishing to integrate HelloNet with their own applications can do so by using the HelloNet URL scheme.